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Seasonal Flowers for Your Flower Summer Wedding

Weddings and flowers go great together, and to imagine a wedding without flowers is a sad dream. Flowers being an essential plant of a wedding summer season brings along a variety of beautifully mesmerizing blossoms.Here is a list of summer must haves from full bloom.

List of Seasonal Flowers for Summer Weddings:

1. Snapdragons 

Also known as dog flower or dragon flower has a tall green stem with tiny flowers lined up all over. You can use this for your waterfall wedding bouquet, with tall flowy flowers that provide great dimension to your bouquet.

2. Carnations

These flowers look simple and amazing, you can go with a monochrome bouquet with this flower.All you need is carnations in all shades of pink if that's your vibe and boom an affordable wedding bouquet is ready.

3. Ranunculus

Another lovely flower which works amazingly well by itself, ranunculus some in various sizes and you can choose one for your liking. These flowers will do justice to a pastel theme wedding flower bouquet. To make it even magical you can tie a ribbon to it.

4. Dahlia

One of the best summer flowers, Dahlias have a wonderful shape and lovely scent. TThey have a crisp smell with a bitter hint. Dahlias look just mesmerizing in any bouquet but these are a must for a summer wedding. With the variety of colors this flower goes well with any theme.

5. Tulips

These usually bloom in spring but with the range of shades you will definitely say OMG! Tulips are super romantic flowers and not underrated. You can go for an assorted bunch of tulips or these will work great for a bohemian setup. Romantic and classy a lovely combination alas.

6. Gerbera daisies 

Another option for a bohemian, colorful wedding. These wedding flowers are just beautiful. Gerbera daisies are vibrant, long lasting and medium in size. They also work well as centerpieces. You can get a hand picked bouquet of gerbera daisies from your  Wedding Florist. 

7. Anthurium

This flower is a must have for a tropical summer wedding. Anthuriums are red with a unique palm-like shape and texture on petals. You can find this flower easily at your Wedding Florist. Anthuriums look great in hand tied bouquets.

8. Sunflowers

A flower that goes well with a bohemian getaway wedding. Sunflowers are super in during summer and look great with red roses and even by themselves. Sunflowers are bright and poppy. You can build a theme around them.

9. Peonies

One of the prettiest in Romantic Flowers, peonies are just magical. These flowers bloom awfully over a course of a few days and this process of opening up is just mesmerizing. Penies look like endless bubbles of petals, super soft and chic.

10. Rose

This list is incomplete without talking about roses. These flowers are a classic and never go out of style. From queens of ancient Greeks to the modern Victorian era. Roses have been a staple. With roses you can go over endless possibilities from dome shaped to waterfall everything is beautifully possible. 


Get the perfect bouquet around your theme this summer from Frisco TX Flower shop. These flowers are here to stay and make your summer wedding brighter, bigger and bloomy. 

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