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Different Numbers of Roses and Their Meaning

As a symbol of beauty and affection, roses have long stood for love and admiration. Do you know that the number of roses you give or receive can convey different messages and sentiments? Different rose numbers have different meanings in ancient cultures, adding nuance to the timeless gift of these blossoms. In this exploration, we'll delve into the intriguing world of rose language and uncover the rose flower meaning behind various quantities.

The Meaning of Each Number of Roses

One Rose: Love at First Sight

Love and devotion are expressed through a single rose. As a symbol of undivided attention and devotion, it embodies the idea of love at first sight. One rose symbolizes the message, "You are the one for me."

Two Roses: Mutual Love and Affection

Two roses represent deep and mutual love between two individuals. It symbolizes a strong bond, whether it is between lovers, best friends, or family members. As a symbol of unity, it represents the idea that you are stronger together.

Three Roses: The Magic Trio of Words

"I love you" is symbolized by three roses. Rose Flower Delivery Frisco TX offers this heartfelt trio of roses as a beautiful expression of love.

Six Roses: Cherished Love and Infatuation

Those six roses convey love and admiration. Six roses represent infatuation and cherishing every moment spent with a special someone.

Nine Roses: Eternal Love

Nine has long been associated with eternity and longevity. Nine roses symbolize eternal love and a promise to always be by someone's side.

Ten Roses: Perfect Love

A ten-rose bouquet symbolizes perfection and completion. Giving someone ten roses communicates that your love is true and whole.

Twelve Roses: A Declaration of Undying Love

In a classic bouquet, a dozen roses communicate an unequivocal declaration of love. Symbolizing complete devotion and everlasting connection. Anniversary Flower Delivery Frisco TX will help you out if you wish to surprise your loved one on a special day.

Thirteen Roses: The Secret Admirer

Thirteen roses might seem unconventional, but they carry a beautiful message. Gifting thirteen roses implies that there's a secret admirer who loves the recipient.

Fifteen Roses: Apology and Forgiveness

Fifteen roses can convey apology or forgiveness. Offering fifteen roses signifies remorse and a sincere desire to heal hurt feelings.

Twenty Roses: Sincerity and devotion

Twenty roses represent deep sincerity of devotion to the person receiving them. This bouquet from Flower Shop Frisco TX reflects genuine affection.

Twenty-Four Roses: 24 Hours of Love

A bouquet of twenty-four roses conveys the message that the giver never forgets the recipient. It's a poetic way to express constant and unending affection.

Thirty-Six Roses: A Romantic Attachment

It is often believed that 36 roses symbolize romantic love. Gifting this quantity indicates that you are deeply in love with the person you're giving it to.

Forty Roses: True Love

Forty roses carry a message of genuine and true love. This number reflects the depth of affection and appreciation you feel for the recipient.

Fifty Roses: Unconditional Love

Fifty roses represent love without limits. Gifting fifty roses from Frisco Florist signifies unwavering and unconditional love that endures all challenges.

One Hundred Roses: The Ultimate Gesture

Roses are the most romantic flowers and a bunch of one hundred creates an unforgettable scene. The gesture conveys a sense of unparalleled importance and the recipient's specialness.


So, think about the number of roses you select the next time you receive a bouquet or select roses for a loved one. offers roses at an affordable price that adds depth to an already cherished tradition.

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