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5 Winter Flower to celebrate December birthday

Looking for a December flower for a special Birthday surprise, don't worry. There definitely are flowers that bloom even during the cold of winter to bring some color and warmth into the atmosphere. Flowers as a birthday present will always do the job. As flowers are adored by most people and receiving beautiful flowers especially on birthdays will always brighten their day. 


Here are the Birthday Flowers to gift in Winter Season


Holly - This winterberry like plant is a winter exclusive, a popular christmas charm as well. Holly is the birth month flower for December, holly can be found in abundance during the winters even in the snow. When snow falls on these small red globe like structures it just looks magical. Once all the red is covered and only the green pointy leaves peak through. Slowly as the snow melts through the  day a red shade comes about. This combination of red, white and green goes really well together. Holly is not by itself but looks great when added to flower arrangements as foliage. The green leaves also have an interesting shape. Not just the looks but holly has a deep meaning as it represents fertility and eternal life. Holly is also attributed to Christmas and can be found in Frisco TX Flower Shop, since they also go well as ornaments and decor. 


Narcissus - Commonly known as Daffodils, this flower comes in colors yellow and white. It is also one of the December birth month flowers. This flower has small petals and a yellow round center that is uplifted and not embedded in the flower. The interesting thing about this is that it has been a part of Greek mythology and there is where it derives its name from as well. Apart from greek culture, daffodil is the National flower of Wales, associated with Easter, and also found in various arts forms like paintings and poetry. A special flower indeed which you can get at any Frisco TX florist and which symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. Since daffodils are perennial and grow every year after the snow leaves you will find these growing as they are early bloomers. 


Camellia - Another one in this category of December Birthday Flowers is an elegant and beautiful looking Camellia flower. This one has a symmetrical shape with round petals all over creating a soft circle formation. There are more than 220 species of this flower worldwide which shows that this can appear in slightly different shapes as well. For a birthday flower agreement you can go with a Camellia flowering plant or fresh cut flowers. These are evergreen shrubs and are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions making it appropriate for December decor and gifting. This flower symbolizes love, adoration and also longing. 


Anthurium - Another flower that is closely tied with Christmas celebrations is this one right here. Anthuriums also work great as flower plants. The shape of these is extremely one of a kind with a single petal that is often shaped like a heart and textured. Along with a yellow stigma. Due to its appearance it's also called flamingo flower and laceleaf. These are a symbol of Hospitality making them the perfect return gift as well. 


These flowers start blooming during fall and stay throughout winter so you can get winter Flowers delivery in Frisco TX. Enjoy your winter birthday with flowers that grow exclusively during winters.

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