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When Should You Order Flowers For Valentine’s Day In Frisco

Planning for celebrations on Valentine’s Day with flowers? You are in the right place! Here in this article, we’ll share information about when to order flowers, where to buy flowers, how to get Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Frisco, best Frisco florists, and more. Stay tuned!

What is the best time to order flowers for Valentine’s Day?

If you’re planning to order flowers online in Frisco, TX, then the best time to place your order will be as soon as you can (at least 14 days in advance). Most of the popular Frisco flower shops online offer the pre-order option 2-3 weeks before Valentine’s Day. They also offer attractive discounts and price drops during this time. So, the sooner you place your order, the better your chances are of grabbing a great deal!

However, if you forget to preorder for any reason, you can still save the day by placing a same day valentine's flower delivery order from Full Bloom Florist. With the same day flower delivery in Frisco Texas, your orders will reach you within hours and you’ll be able to celebrate with your loved one in a romantic way.

Wondering which romance flowers you should order for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a list of our top-selling Valentine’s Day flowers.

Top 5 flowers for Valentine’s Day:

1. Orchids

Rose flowers are not the only romantic flowers that you can use on Valentine’s Day. Orchids are versatile, appear in so many colors and sizes, and stay fresh for a long time. They are a beautiful addition to your Valentine’s Day flower arrangements.

2. Tulips

Tulips have the reputation for being one of the most romantic flowers in the world. These flowers originate from the Middle East and come in a plethora of colors, including pink, red, purple, orange, and others. purple and pink ones will create a unique and special flower arrangement for you.

3. Hydrangea

White or pink hydrangeas look amazingly pretty in a flower bouquet, especially if it is for a romantic occasion. You can include these pastel shade blooms along with roses, chrysanthemums or other kinds of flowers to create an elegant and sophisticated flower bouquet.

4. Gerbera

Gerbera daisies are another flower type that is very popular for Valentine’s Day. These bright and vibrant flowers are capable of adding a splash of color to any dim and dull environment and cheer everyone up around them. White, red, and pink gerberas are the best choices for Valentine’s Day.

5. Lily

And finally, lily flower is our final choice for this list. Pink stargazer lilies deserve a special mention because of their exquisitely beautiful and delicate appearance. Other than that, alstroemeria, calla lilies, and Casablanca lilies are also good for a romantic flower bouquet in Valentine’s Day.


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