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Top 6 Flower Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Flowers have inspired human imagination since the beginning of civilization. It has encouraged art, painting, music, and many other human endeavors. Studies show that 86% of respondents are happy to receive flowers as a surprise. In this article, we look at the most recent trends for 2021 and beyond.

Bright Blooms for Mood Boosting

White and bright blooms are a trend that has been the top pick for florists in recent years. As people turn their focus to sprucing up their homes, the shift is toward bright flowers makes time spent indoors all the better.

Bold colors are incorporated into flower arrangements and accessories to make a statement. They often include jewel and earthy tones. You are likely to see these bright hues in hyper-colorful designs from florists as we progress in 2021.

Flower Retreat Sanctuary

You are also likely to see homeowners transforming parts of their home interiors into a relaxation sanctuary. That could mean incorporating neutrals and soft tones in your bouquets to bring out an ambiance of tranquility. Simplicity in flower arrangements is preferable as it complements the modern minimalist design.

For creatives, you can incorporate soft colors that accentuate minimal details in your home. The emphasis is on harmony in color combinations. But the transition of the hues can be from terracotta to mild pink. The design may include organic figures like round shapes.

Embracing Nature

Many homeowners are looking to spruce up their homes with natural decorations. Of course, this includes flowers and indoor plants. This has led to an increase in people ordering house plants, tropical flowers, and indoor plants from flower delivery services. Some even opt to sign up for plant subscriptions where they receive regularly plants throughout the year.

Other homeowners are opting for succulent gardens. The succulents are skillfully selected and arranged in a container and then delivered to the homeowner with the plant's safety in mind. Then, all the homeowner needs to do is place them on a desk or any other well-lit area within the house.

Incorporating Foliage

Another trend? Incorporating foliage into flower arrangements or interior design. The current tendency is to favor simplicity. Experts from flower delivery services use greenery to add contrast to an elegant bundle of blooms.

Studies show that surrounding your space with greenery can help boost cognitive ability and productivity. From home offices to relaxation spaces, homeowners are looking to infuse nature into their interior. Investing in a new potted plant or a gorgeous bouquet is the cherry on top of a relaxing space.

Adopting Sustainable Practices

Farmers and florists are also increasingly adopting sustainable practices to support the eco-system. It may involve using dried flowers in bouquets to avoid waste. Flower delivery services are opting for local supplies and eco-friendly packaging for their products.

Using Functional Flowers

The aim of having lush blooms in your home should not be limited to aesthetics. Many homeowners are discovering the other benefits of flowers.

Some plants can boost mood and relieve anxiety. Some flowers have strong fragrances that boost your energy. You can complete the experience with plants like jasmine, lilac, gardenia, and hyacinth. When choosing flowers, consider going for ones that will help bring vitality and happiness into your home.

The theme for current trends is defined by simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. You can use the tips shared here to pick flowers for your garden or order flowers for an occasion. The possibilities can only be limited by your imagination.

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